IN MEINEN AUGEN (Documentary, 2016, 31 Min)


Images of storming invaders and dehumanized masses dominate the media coverage about refugees. IN MY EYES shows the other side: Five refugees comment on the media portrayal and express their feelings while watching press photos as well as short television clips. Their reaction sparks a conversation on identity, humanity and dignity. They open up on their individual stories, criticize the prejudiced media portrayal and voice on how they would like to be seen in the German society. All the while their eyes are directly fixed into the camera, forcing the viewer to look straight back at them and listen. IN MY EYES offers a new perspective not only on the media debate, but further on our habit to judge others without actually knowing them.





Since buying his first camera at the age of 12, Raphael Schanz loves to tell stories and find a suitable visualization for what he wants to tell. He didn't study film-making, but developed his skills step by step with every single project. Learning by doing. It is important for him to show up new perspectives. His less conventional filmmaking methods mix up with years of experience and result in unique videos.